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Our Story

Brie & Bamboo is founded on my passion for delicious food, togetherness, and nature.

My roots as a French-Canadian farm girl run deep. My Grandparents and Mom had the most amazing organic garden. On our land, there were fruit trees scattered everywhere, vegetables of all kinds, free-range chicken, and grass-fed cattle. For a girl who loves nature and being outdoors, this was a dream come true. I remember as a child, my Grandpa took me out to our garden and showed me all of the different fruits and vegetables. I found it fascinating!

Harvest was back-breaking work, just ask my Grandpa who worked and operated our 500+ acre family farm until he was 88! While the men were working in the fields, I helped harvest the garden with my Mom and Grandma. Everyone worked hard, everything was harvested and nothing, absolutely nothing was wasted. Nearly every meal was prepared farm to table. Looking back, I didn’t realize how special that opportunity was. Now, many fine restaurants pride themselves on following this practice.

I credit my grandmother for showing me around the kitchen. I still hear her voice in the back of my head as I cook. She taught me to have a padded mat under my feet in the kitchen (back saving - a must-do!), to clean while I cook (seriously efficient and time-saving), and many other tricks of the trade. Most importantly, rule number one, everyone was welcome at our table; family, friends, and strangers. Our dinner table was a place for praying, holding hands, sharing stories, cracking jokes, and laughing….lots of laughing!

When developing Brie & Bamboo, my passion for nature and preserving the environment came top of mind. From designing our color palette with an ombre of greens and lavender to the packaging we use, mothering our beautiful earth is priority number one. Using environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging is deeply rooted in our core values. At every opportunity, our packaging is biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, and/or reusable. You can rest easy knowing once your gathering is over, your boards have been devoured, and your clean-up is done, the packaging we use will be kind to our environment.

Creating Brie & Bamboo is a dream for me. When designing a board, it is more than simply choosing different types of cheese and topping it off with delicious accompaniments. We are unique because I personally select each cheese for optimal flavor, and offer a carefully curated tasting experience using the highest quality ingredients available. As you are selecting your board, know that each morsel you taste alongside it, was custom paired for that cheese. Mix and match the different accouterments for a personalized tasting that will excite your palate!

I encourage you to spend more time with family and friends. Share your life and dreams with those you love. Tell people you love them…a lot! Life is short, so love hard and Gather Together with Beautiful Happy Food.

~ Dawn Reynolds

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